Saturday, February 13, 2016

Truth .. what good is it

  A Rancid Culture                       


Howard Stern Gambit - 2008 History of Radicalism - 2008

FWIW, here are my first two You Tube video submissions.  Before that time I used the now defunct SMART video service, which contents are lost.  Anyway, watching them again is ... just depressing.  When a proven canker blossom like Barry Barack Obama Soetoro is able to vault a wall of truth with left media help, what are we left with?    With the economy threating to finally succumb to Obamanomics ... ? We are 1932 Germany, where the communists and an unknown movmentarian are squared off.  That teeter can totter two ways.  And no, I am not likening Trump to Schicklgruber; but who the hell knows?

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