Monday, February 22, 2016

... UP


I've determined that there is nothing in the news anymore that's even remotely ... news.   Nothing.  Obama and the Democrat Party are mirror images of any other historical nascent tyranny. The GOP are little more than   compliant players. The heirs to our nation are without ability to think critically.  Me? I'm (somewhat nihilistically) supporting Donald Trump because he is the only candidate the establishment hates and fears; and the only player who has never been a part of government. +++  So there's that. Instead, I have put a protective shield about me, and use the vast resources of NetFlixinity (which discoveries I will increasingly share with you).  Still, from time to time there are news items so bizarre that I'm tempted to pull out my nuclear trigger* and blow everything up. Like these, below.

1) The new Polish government (which portrays itself as the true savior from a corrupt ruling class)  says Lech Walesa,  "the country’s most famous politician and freedom fighter, is a traitor and the 1989 uprising that ushered in democracy and a market economy was little more than a conspiracy."

2) What you have is a man killed by an errant shot, and if he was not the President of the United States everyone would say O.K. shit happens.

The New York Times , on why Scalia was not autopsied:
“What you have is an elderly man found dead in bed, and if he was not on the Supreme Court everyone would say, O.K., and nothing more would happen,” Dr. Di Maio said. “It is only who he was that makes it a big deal. You can make an argument that they should have done an autopsy, but the only reason you would do it is he is a Supreme Court judge.”


 Okay, I did try to nuke everything, but the damned thing didn't work.  Maybe one of you braniacs out there can figure out which wire is causing the problem.


Anonymous said...

I'm thing I can tell you about my generation supporting Bernie Sanders -- when he loses the nomination they're going to be a lot of crybabies who just stay at home. The only thing they hate more than Republicans is Hillary Clinton.

We may very well have a President Trump.

Winter is Trumping
( Game of Thrones spoilers if you're not caught up. If you are or don't care, this video is great. )


Anonymous said...

I need to stop even trying to comment while using my phone. I apologize for the mess above.


Cheesy said...

"Compliant players?"
More like complicit.

Juice said...

Josh, that was great fun and done with talent as well.

Anonymous said...

The cynics and nihilists prolly have a pat answer but I don't fear Trump. He cant be worse then what we just (sorta) survived and he does piss off the proper people. (Snicker Sonobouy)

leelu said...

It's the red wire.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Cheesy: Along with liberty, civility, classical culture and so many other casualties of our "modern" world, count the command of English. One element of the NWO agenda is to reduce our vocabularies and, concurrently, to destroy semantic distinctions and nuance, helping to make us more like the peasants they prefer to rule.

As an example, just look at Tim's post, where he can use a word like "nihilist" but doesn't know "then" from "than".

We're doomed.

Anonymous said...

What Leelu said. For certain, it's NEVER the Gray wire.

You must also be aware the countdown timer won't stop with more than 5 seconds remaining. Usually only 1 or 2. No matter how far ahead of Zero you cut the correct wire.
--General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug

Anonymous said...

Damn Stu, maybe he can delete my posts to avoid offending such a refined English scholar as you. Because typing fast and occasionally mixing then and than is pretty much the same as ebonics.

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