Friday, February 05, 2016

When every kid gets a trophy ....


Anonymous said...

Try being in that age group and the walking embodiment of anti-Sanders.

But hey, I'm wrong and they are all right. Bernie Sanders can't be bought by corporate interests, Bernie Sanders is going to bring about single payer healthcare that will be a hundred percent cheaper than what we have now, He's going to make college free for everybody, legalize pot, stop the melting of the ice caps, and smash the patriarchal capitalist system.

Socialist Jesus gonna save us all.

There is one good thing about his minions though -- They hate Hillary Clinton with such vigor. The things they say about her would make us at C&S blush.


Leonard Jones said...

No, that's what you get when the school
cafeteria puts LSD in your lunch!

Sonoboy said...

Even if The Hildabeest manages to pull off the primaries, I see the fervor of Bernies supporters working against the Democrats in the general. They will be so disillusioned by his loss they will simply blow off casting their vote come Election Day.

Sonoboy said...

The main objection with Bern
is the publics desire to spurn
those things that aren't right,
adoption, which might,
cause this country to soon overturn.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Never mind "Democrat/Liberal/Progressive" vs. "Republican/Conservative"; this election is going to be a plebiscite to decide whether the U.S. will remain ostensibly Capitalist or fully embrace Communism.

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