Monday, March 14, 2016

A smug a rug and a shrug

I have so many comments that I'm paralyzed so I thought, hey, I already know what you think on any given topic so you probably know me too.  Right? So this my post about everything. The bastids.

Whoa, I love this.  Let me see if I can add a picture too from iPad.  Hang on.

This sucks I think and so do you think that


Anonymous said...

Which reminds me Rodge of my new western meditation mantras, "is 10 the new 7?" or "is Surface Pro 4 the new iPad Air?" First you focus on breath and select on of the questions. Then the mind begins to wander. Soon after the moment of mindfulness, you return to focus on breathing again and repeat.

Sonoboy said...

Rumor has it (as it always does) that Apple will drop the 'Air' moniker from the next tablet. We shall see in about a week.

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