Saturday, March 12, 2016

Call out the thugs

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest

Leftists silence someone they don't like

Last night at what was going to be a Trump rally I watched as thugs many were Mexican and a some black people shut down free speech. I also watched at least twice as a black person assaulted a white person with a cop watching who did nothing. In this instance the person had a right to defend themselves and the cop should be fired. Chicago is disgraced but it has been for a long time. They talk about Nazis well these so called protesters are the exact duplication of the Brown Shirts.

Here's today's challenge.  Find the last instance where conservatives mobbed  to silence a Liberal.


Mike C said...

Sturmabteilung was exactly what I thought when I saw this last night. I was also disgusted by the nauseating moral equivalence coming out of Fox News, 'little marco' and (sadly) Ted Cruz. I voted for Cruz over Trump for obvious reasons, but I think Cruz missed an opportunity to act like a real conservative candidate and denounce Bernie and his beer hall brawlers (muv-on-dot-ogres').

macweave said...

leftist protestors successfully emulate their progenitors.

Wabano said...

The Ku Klux Klan was an organ of the Democrat party...Ironically, it was an Indiana republican Grand Dragon, D.C. Stephenson, that shut it down when he ate Madge Oberholtzer...After she died of the assault, the Klan got three million letters of resignation...Now, the demon rats are trying the big tent again, with bolshevik Sanders and his Black Bloc goons in action...
Not likely that the clintoons will do anything about it...until THEY get the rioters in their rallies.

Anonymous said...

It looked like it were 1968 and the dimoCrap convention all over again.


Billll said...

Bernie's Bolsheviks or maybe Bernie's Brownshirts. poster children for the Dems.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Erick Erickson claimed this was equally the fault of Trump and the Obama commies, taking the same rhetorical line as Cruz.

Erickson is a dingbat.

Wabano said...

Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name

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