Thursday, March 31, 2016

Coulter: Only Trump


Earlier this week:

Defending billionaire businessman Donald Trump is like constantly having to bail a teenage son from prison, author and political commentator Ann Coulter groused in a recent radio interview.

"I'm a little testy with our man right now. Our candidate is mental! Do you realize our candidate is mental?" Coulter said jokingly during a taping of an episode of the "Milo Yiannopoulos Show," which is scheduled to air in full this weekend. "It's like constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old son from prison."

I saw that story Tuesday, and eagerly awaited Ann's Wednesday column (which did not appear until today) to see if she'd done a Chris Christie?  Note: It must be noted that the the conservative Washington Examiner is rather virulently annt-Trump.


Trump is saying he'll bring in lots of new people, as he has throughout the primaries. In the Florida GOP primary, for example, Trump got nearly half a million more votes than Romney did in 2012 -- and about half a million new people voted. Trump may be wrong, but it's insane to say that it's impossible for him to bring out new voters.

What's impossible is for any Republican candidate, other than Trump, to win a single state Romney lost. Ted Cruz's corny speaking style is creepy to anyone who doesn't already agree with everything he says. He's the less likable, more hard-edged version of Romney. Every other Republican is, one way or another, a less attractive version of Romney.

Maybe 50 years of Third World immigration means it's too late, and even Trump can't win. But it's an absolute certainty that any other Republican will lose. [Full]


Anonymous said...

I have always loved Coulter. But when she abandoned Conservatism for the insane populism of Trump, I just... I dunno, I felt like I got dumped by my hot blonde girlfriend.

Get smart, Ann. Get behind Cruz, abandon the Crazy, and maybe, just maybe, I'll start those 0200 texts again.


RavingDave said...

If anybody on our side can possibly lose to Hillary, the country is over, and we might as well start tearing it down ourselves.

I personally think anyone with a pulse can beat Hillary. She has a bazillion scandals of which everyone will be reminded just prior to the election.

Anonymous said...

^Raging Dave
Not if Loretta Holder Lynch seats a grand jury along about September and presents a weak case ( (secret, can't talk about the proceedings, yannow), H-> gets a no bill and walks out to election day as The People's Hero, the poor, wronged victim of a vast right wing conspiracy, acquitted at last.
That's the October Surprise I smell coming, unless Biden steps up.
There's no crime or slime The Regime won't stoop to.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Esteve said...

Who will do the reminding, Dave? The folks who get their news from the national media (or Comedy Central) won't hear any bad news about the vile Hillary.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Think back to 2008 when the media saw that Obama could win and did a massive flip against Hillary. Even to the point of mentioning scandals they had never before acknowledge. That's where they are at again because they know very well that Hillary will be bulldozed by Trump (or anyone else for that matter). So, do any of you really think that Bernie "the Red" Sanders can win? Really?

Anonymous said...

Like him or not, Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary. But I wish Trump and Cruz would team up; THAT would be unstoppable!

Anonymous said...

Complete crap. Voter mentality isn't the same in primaries as in the general election, because you aren't choosing the same thing.
Using the Cruz speaking style is evidence she is too far gone in pop culture; the same mentality that gave us Obama.
That shallow thinking is typical for a primary and shallowness is how we choose candidates, but in November, the final thought of a typical non-far-leftist voter is more somber.
This is another aspect of the Wilder Effect. If conservatives can resist thinking like leftists (and Coulter) we may still have a chance.
2008 was no surprise, because we knew what we'd get in McCain: more of the same deal-making.
2012: same, but with a big dose of what seems to be infecting conservatives today, i.e. 'give me exactly what I want or I'm just gonna stay home'. We conservatives should fight it out now, but too many won't vote if their guy isn't nominated, and that will be the end of the Grand Experiment.
Remember that 'deal making' is what led us to this in the first place. Vote your ideals.

BlogDog said...

"Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary." Not by a single poll that's been done so far. In fact, of the three remaining, he's the only one who doesn't beat the Hildabeast. However, I remain open to information. Please post any that relates to Trump beating Hillary that is not mere assertion.

Steve in Greensboro said...

General election polls this early in the cycle (before the conventions) are meaningless.

Trump will attack Hillary and that helps his general election odds greatly. Your typical GOPe candidate will not attack her. (Remember how McCain and Romney treated Obama?) And Trump will bring Reagan Dems.

And that's the choice Republican primary voters have, either Trump or a GOPe candidate (say Paul Ryan). Cruz will never be the nominee.

Anonymous said...

Steve in Greensboro is absolutely correct: it's either Trump or brokered convention wanker. Even if Cruz actually was still a conservative (which he hasn't been since he buddied up to Mitch McConnell a couple years ago) who would vote for him in the general election? Cruz is a creepier and less Mormon version of Milt Romney.

Sonoboy said...

I'm glad that Ann has mentioned the elephant in the room, quote: "Ted Cruz's corny speaking style is creepy...". I'm sorry, I know he's intelligent, but the mainstream media and the democrats will pounce on his style of delivery like white on rice. Just recently, someone posted a YouTube link with Ted as Mr. Haney on 'Green Acres'. Now, this down-home style may please certain groups, but is not going to play well north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Cruz will, with a few exceptions, remain a regional candidate, unable to garner the crossover votes required of a winning Republican candidate.

Ann is correct. For a winning candidate, it's only Trump.

Stu Tarlowe said...

BlogDog: You actually BELIEVE the so-called "polls" that claim Trump is the only one who WON'T trounce Hillary? Such polls are BS. Anybody who's out there talking with real people can see that!

Anonymous said...

The Fear & Greed and Economic Indicators are such that any Republican could win the election. It is just a choice between a creepy over self-controlled conservative politician and an unpredictable rich businessman whose gut reactions are usually spot on. Gut versus calculation.

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