Wednesday, March 16, 2016



Last week new FIOS equipment, installed using various FIOS "SMART FIX" APPs, had us so fkd-up that even after several hours-long, on-line sessions with various India Indians, things were even worse.  Nahoptipauli agreed to send a technician (with the admonition, "you will be charged if the fault is yours"). 

Next day, the guy was here for 4 hours.  And, while he fixed most things, when it came to allowing the FIOS MOBILE app to record shows, or watch recordings, he threw hands-up and said, "give it some time to catch up with all the changes." STG. Five days later, and guess what .... Nada.   However, I am here to actually tout the Mobile APP. 

FIOS claims they have like 100 million 
on-demand movies, and this app lets me scroll (endlessly) through all of them.  I can watch it now, or bookmark it. Even better, the titles show the Rotten Tomatoes rating, something I put great store in. Plus! I can do fun things, like change the channels on my wife's TV from Home & Garden to "Virgin Whores from Babylon," while sitting in the dentist's chair.

There, I've said something positive about FIOS. We were not charged.

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Esteve said...

I get 12 channels from Jacksonville when the weather is good.

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