Monday, March 07, 2016

Judge Michelle Malkin


Malkin began her speech by saying:
“It’s not people outside the party that have thrown the conservative grassroots base under the bus. It’s the people who have paid lip-service to limited government while gorging on it.”
She was only getting started. In the course of her seventeen minute speech, she went after Republicans for the Gang of Eight, Common Core, cronyism, immigration and more.
She slammed the party elites who smear and sneer at the conservative grassroots as fringe while pretending to support causes they care about at election time.
When it came to Common Core she named names, singling out John Kasich for claiming he believed in local control of education. About Bush, she said:
“There are three reasons why Jeb Bush failed. His last name, his support for amnesty and his cheer-leading and cashing in on Common Core.”
This was the first time Malkin has spoken at CPAC in 13 years and it was well worth the wait. Once you start watching this, you won’t be able to stop. [Legal Insurrection]

Pat Caddell: Establishment Can’t Stop Trump’s Populist Candidacy Because They Can’t Recognize Legitimate Concerns Motivating His Voters"


Juice said...

Powerful mind and voice packed into that tiny stature. Michelle Malkin rocked it. *standing-o repeat*

Anonymous said...

What Juice said!!
I'm afeeerd that Ms. Malkin might not be invited back for another 13 years.
THAT would be CPAC's loss......


Anonymous said...

I hope she has some good bodyguards.


Anonymous said...

Ms Malkin and Judge Jaenine for Prez and VP. Don't much make me no never mind which of the two is in which position at this point.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Michele had better watch out, she'll end up thrown out of CPAC like she was thrown off of B'ore's show after she kicked geralo's ass on immigration.

She is absolutely fearless....I'll take her and Saint Ann on my A-Team any day and twice on Sunday.


Chris in NC said...

Holy Fuck that woman is perfect in every way.

Leonard Jones said...

I could care less! Malkin is a false populist and a total fraud. It was people
like her and other single issue charlatans that saddled us with the pResident
Ubangi. She was interviewed by a guest host on the Hugh Hewitt show. I think
it was Carol Platt Lebow. Lebow asked her if the GOP gave her everything she
wanted, she replied that she would still seek the destruction of the GOP!

She did not say she wanted to see the end of establishment RINO's, she said the
destruction of the ENTIRE party! She and her fellow sufferers of Bush Derangement
Syndrome were the prime reason millions of GOP voters failed to show up in 2008 and
20012. And it was another false populist Perot who was responsible for Blow-job
Billy's 2 terms. Without them, we would have had a communist free White House
since 1980! Can anyone with straight face tell me that a McCain or a Dole or a
Romney would be no better than the 2 worst stains on the American culture we
have ever seen?

Anonymous said...

My dream date is a threesome with Michelle M and Judge Jeanine.

Just sayin'

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