Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Justice Thomas Bon Mot

Thomas' questions came in case in which the court is considering placing new limits on the reach Res Ipsa Loquiturof a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.

With about 10 minutes left in the hourlong session, Justice Department lawyer Ilana Eisenstein was about to sit down after answering a barrage of questions from other justices.

Thomas then caught her by surprise, asking whether the violation of any other law "suspends a constitutional right.''


Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned with the bit in the article that says none of the other Justices even pursued a remotely similar line of questioning.

I think wife beaters are up their with the scum of the earth, but it's way too simple to have a constitutional right revoked on a he said she said misdemeanor.


Anonymous said...

The first thought I had was from the film "Mr Roberts" when the Ensign Pulver who had been afraid of the Captain all during the movie, when he heard that Mr Roberts had been killed in action ran up to the Captain's quarters and after tossing the Captain's tree over the side, pounds on his door and yells "Captain, it is I, Ensign Pulver and I just threw your damn palm tree over the side, now what's this crud about no movie tonight!!?"

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