Tuesday, March 08, 2016

More like Trump and Pershing

                                           Mexican Invaders

Pena Nieto until now had avoided direct comments on Trump, who has pledged to build a wall along the two countries' borders and has said Mexican immigrants bring crime and drugs to the U.S. and are "rapists."

But as the New York businessman has built a lead in the GOP primary, current and former Mexican officials have begun to publicly express alarm. Former Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon also have alluded to Hitler in describing Trump. [Full]

This all largely falls on Dubya Bush, who let Mexican President Vicente Fox dictate our immigration policy to include recognizing a Mexican library card as defacto US citizenship.   And, I want to say this for the umpteenth time;  I admire the Mexican culture and work ethic, and would gladly swap say, Washington State, for, say, Baja California Sur. But a nation who cannot protect its borders, isn't. Oui? 


Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the Mexican 'leadership' looks a lot more Caucasian than the people they send over the border?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stu, I typed slowly and used than instead of then. Both of your followers will approve!

Anonymous said...

Your comment Rodger is spot on and one reason I never liked GW on domestic policy.

Apparently GW failed "remember the Alamo" test.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Hey, Tim! Thanks so very much for keeping me in your thoughts! And remember, Caesar non supra grammaticos.

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