Saturday, March 19, 2016

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“I don’t see how Donald Trump helps any incumbent Republicans. I think he’s a drag on the ticket,” Kolbe said. [McCain faces toughest reelection of his career]
Three thoughts about this HILL article; and I'll boldly say I'm in the movement mainstream here.
  1.  If I was an Arizonan I'd vote for McCain.  Not because I think he's worth spit, but because  he will not always vote with Democrats like his opponent would.  And, he'll probably die in office.  If he loses it will be because honest people are fed up with him, and  illegals who vote the Blue ticket.
  2. "drag on the ticket" is another example of how hidebound to the old order that media-thinkers are. In fact, we who will vote for Trump do so for the most obvious of reasons.  Like: Trump is not a career politician; he's actively mainstream on the most important issues of our time: border control; the Islamic threats Trump has balls, and the financial acumen to, maybe, forestall the economic disaster this government have looming over us.  So, Trump will be neither drag, nor draw of any consequence for the GOP. 
  3. We hate this government, and the influence that passels of leftists, and activists for strange and demented causes have with this lot who then  impose that will on us. Don't tread on us mfkrs.

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Sonoboy said...

"I'm as MAD as HELL, and I'm NOT going to take this any longer". Yeah, the famous quote from 'NETWORK' suits my mood just fine. From the beginning, months ago, I've felt strong support for Trump, Cruz, Carson, and briefly for Fiorina, until she started to sound a little too establishmentarian for my tastes. Carson took himself out after his apparent fledgling understanding of foreign affairs. So, Trump or Cruz it is; I could live with either one as President. However, we MUST push this one over the goal line, and in my opinion, only Trump, with his appeal to the crossovers can accomplish this. Trump for the nomination, and immediately upon winning the seat nominate Cruz to fill SCOTUS Scalia's seat. That would suit me just fine.

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