Thursday, March 10, 2016


                                                           FOOD TIPS FROM GORDON

I already knew that


Anonymous said...

Very nice!
I didn't know about rinsing the rice before cooking. Can't wait to try that. What was the herb seasoning he put in the rice?

Funny about the knife sharpening. I'm a believer in what he says about sharp knives, but my Mrs insists that I make them "too sharp" and she'll cut herself too easily.
Thanks, RKOF&S & the kitchen.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Coulda' put the picture Below Ramsay's (That of another Dick!) and been more informative. That foul-mouthed Limey P-O-S and his Drug-Bragging American cohort, Anthony Bourdain have no business on American TV.

As a comparison, Robert Irvine, another Brit., is always a "Class Act" to watch.

And speaking of that second pic - I don't get it! I thought there was an informative link when I didn't see a "Roll-Over".

Stu Tarlowe said...

'Interesting tips. I couldn't help but notice, though, that the guy moves around the kitchen like he needs to take a wicked piss.

As to sharp knives, as a guy who sold a million dollars worth of "The Amazing Ginsu Knife" I always had to deal with people who said, "I'm scared of a knife being too sharp." The only thing I could tell them was "Hey, you should have learned in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts that a sharp knife is safer than a dull one, because it cuts where you want it to; it doesn't slip and go somewhere else. But it's still your job to keep your fingers out of the path of the knife."

When I'm demonstrating/selling salmon, as I often do on Mondays, lots of folks want it skinned. My technique is bit different from Gordon's, but I often save the skin and take it home to pan-fry, or broil in the toaster oven, seasoned with Hungarian paprika, until crisp. To me, it's a treat.

My own favorite TV cooks are still Graham Kerr and Justin Wilson. And I still dream of having my own cooking show.

Shameless self-promotion: You can watch me perform a remnant of the garnishing portion of my old knife pitch at
Watch the whole clip, because I make 2 appearances.

Juice said...

*What I didn't know was that cutting the root caused the fumes release.
*I've always rinsed my rice, but in the pot and pour out all the water that can release past my hand while keeping the rice in. Perfectly flaky.
*Buy my fish ready cleaned.
*Can't sharpen a knife for crap, but wholly understand dull knives are the most dangerous thing in a kitchen. The amount of concerted pressure it take to make one cut goes deeper than shite into human flesh when the dull edge slips off the food instead of cutting into.

*Love Gordon Ramsey. His "language" appears on certain American television shows only - must be a requirement for cheesy drama.
* Can't stand Robert Irving for the boredom that he is and it seems he's tried to alleviate that of late by coming off as a pompous prick whose ego is competing with his biceps. lol

This was fun!

Juice said...

*concentrated not that other word

Skoonj said...

I learned about the use of talc to coat rice when I was in Adana, Turkey many years ago. The room-sized bins where rice, in this case Basmati, were open to assault by insects and rodents. Talc was used to coat the rice, and they weren't assaulted by them at all that I could see. But that talc needs to be washed off, together with the remnants of any insect or rodent evidence.

The Japanese for some reason like the flavor of the coating, which might have glucose along with the talc, to make it shine. They wash their rice less, and even use the washed off talc as an addition to other food. Sorry, but I was so uninterested in using it that way that I didn't remember what it was used on in that episode of the original Iron Chef.

Gordon Ramsey has a fearsome reputation for nastiness and language on TV. However, people who work in his kitchen here in Las Vegas insist the guy is a great boss, and not the nasty bastard he is on TV.

Darrell said...

That's not sharpening a knife, that's honing it--straightening the edge, in other words.

JLW III said...

Did you ever see The Chef? A good fun movie.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Yes, very worthwhile

Sonoboy said...

When I bought my first rice cooker just about a year ago, I purchased a 10 pound bag of basmati rice to 'break-er-in'. I did NOT rinse it first, and it was almost inedible. The next time, I put a cupful in a half-quart Mason jar filled halfway with water, screwed the lid on tight and shook hell out of it. It looked like dirty dish water that I poured from the jar. But it made a world of difference in the taste. Try it only on brown rice; the processed white rice doesn't need rinsing, but it will remove some of the excess starch for those that find that quality objectionable.

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