Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The VA. Again.



Juice said...

Several thoughts come to mind regarding this barely veiled chisel at the 2nd Amendment:

1. The Government does not want highly trained individuals to be a part of "a well regulated militia".

2. Mentally unstable, ie, "work place violence"; never mind that these instances are grounded in Islam, but will be noted as military personnel violence.

3. The very well greased slippery slope definition of mental illness. Mostly based on religious and political affiliations.

I'm sorry, but I keep seeing KGB America and it scars the hell out of me.

Juice said...

Noted p.s.: Just say'n, but tonight's Fear Thy Neighbor, 20/20 on ID channel is --- The Chris Kyle Story.
Clearly there are far too many crazy former active military personnel to have weapons once they've separated. They be Krazeee Killahs!

Anonymous said...

3. The very well greased slippery slope definition of mental illness.
Funny you mentioned that, Juice.
Went for a routine eye exam last week, paid out of pocket, no insurance involved.
The last question on the current health status questionaire was:
"Are you often depressed or sad?"
WTF does that have to do with a refraction exam?

And on my taxes this year, my pension 1099 listed the "cost" or "value" of my employer paid health insurance and the value of my company paid life insurance.
The health premium did not enter into my tax calculations - yet - but mark my words, Congress is going to turn that ~$13,000 in my case into "taxable income" to prop up *(*^%%$* Uhbamacare as soon as the elections are over.

The life insurance premium has been taxable as ordinary income for some years now, even though I had no say in whether I wanted it it and if so, for how much death benefit. Same for the health benefit. At age 70+ I'm covered for pregnancy, maternity, STD's and everything else except dental and vision, the two things I could use at my age.
Your bloated government is hard at work promoting their welfare while consuming yours. To the mattresses, folks.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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