Monday, April 18, 2016

Cowboy,Whore, Card Cheat 2016


 ... a coordinated “attack” in Georgia that led to pro-Trump delegate candidates being challenged and deposed in every corner of the state, which Trump had won resoundingly in the primary.

Prediction alert ... If Hillary and Cruz "win" their respective party nominations, and Donald Trunp runs as an independent, Trump will win (in an honest vote count, if that's possible anymore).


bocopro said...

More like H=39 C=37, T=22, O=2

UNLESS there's a None Of The Above block, which would DEFINITELY get my vote.

I will vote against Cankles, regardless of the GOPer, just for the SCotUS consideration. I have very little trust in either Cruz or Trump, but that piddlin amount is vastly greater than what I have for Hellary.

Chris in NC said...

There will never be a fair count of votes for a 3rd party/independent. The parties won't allow that.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that enough states have a "sore loser law" that it would preclude Trump from getting enough electoral votes to become president as an independent.
"Sore Loser" laws prevent a person who failed in the primary elections from casting off his previous party declaration and running as an independent in the states that have them.

gadfly said...

Rodger The Real King of France forgets that election of the President of the United States is not a vote getting process. Our Republic has never trusted rule by mobocracy so we rely on the Electoral College - which will never elect the crazy New York Liberal, Lyin' Donnie.

Every time Donnie overlooks another election detail, he screams like a 3-year-old so be sure to get-out-of-the-way in November. True leadership on display everyday! But the Trump Hive Mind will never figure it out. Beam me up, Jean Luc!

Anonymous said...

Plan from the beginning was for Donald to play the part of Ross Perot. Hillary WILL be president next year.

USMC2841 said...

The Georgia GOP is already appealing a lower courts decision to make the ballot more accessible to third parties. They know if Trump is allowed on the ballot their candidate will have to share votes. In today's politics the Democrats and Republicans are happy to have a 45% core and try to sway 5.1%. The problem is selling out your core to get the 5.1% doesn't sit well with voters. We need a 3 branch form of government instead of this crappy 2 party system.

Anonymous said...

We have Shrieky McCankles and The Whining Billionaire as the two leading candidates.
One is a proven, demonstrated liar right out of the box.
The other is a deal making bombast who's a mile wide and a quarter inch deep.
Then we have a committed Socialist/Communist and, finally, the son of a preacher, SCOTUS lawyer, & Senator. Who does not lie.
Those who vote HRC vote for free stuff. Until we run out, that will work. It has fooled the black populace for over 50 years, over and over and over. Sounds insane to continue to vote for all the empty promises. Her party opponent votes for free stuff even more.
Those who vote for Donald T vote for someone who will 'deal' with the Democrats, who has stiffed his creditors more than once and left them to go bankrupt while he has the money to pay them off sitting in a bank account, who contributed to Shrieky's and many other left-leaning campaigns. They will vote for someone who has no idea about military -see: Triad - none about foreign affairs, and has formed no real opinions about 'things' so speaks off the cuff and will get his 'stuff' in a ringer now and in the future. They want to blow up the R party, period, no matter the consequences, and have threatened to do so. He himself has called the R party and Rinse 'unfair' and worse, while at the same time trying to get their nomination & approval. That is not real sane, to me.
Trump thought all he had to do was show up, yap, collect the applause and the votes. He did not do his homework. He invested nothing in the campaign as far as thought and work. He wants it to fall in his lap, just because.
Those who vote for Cruz have the idea he can actually get stuff through Congress that Harry blocked, and can thump the GOPe a bit. Won't happen if the R's lose big in November.

I cannot vote for HRC or Bernie, and refuse to vote for a pompous ass, which leaves Cruz. Doing otherwise is giving in to whiners who think they can use the courts to win nomination, just like AL GORE 'count every vote - except the ones for George'. When things don't go your way, take them to court. That won't work with Vlad or ISIS.
If the Trumpsters don't get their way, they threaten to leave. They should consider what that will mean.
They should also remember that Abraham Lincoln came into the 1860 convention in 3rd place. A plurality is not a majority, and Trump may not be a majority approved candidate, no matter his current delegate count. The more they know him...
Hannity says 'Let the will of the voters count for something'... Well, sounds good, BUT the voters have to put some effort into things beyond a ten-second vote, a temper-tantrum against the party and what it is supposed to stand for.
How many who voted for The Donald in the primary will vote for him in November? How many will vote down-ticket? How many are actual Republicans rather than bomb throwers?
It does no good to destroy the Republican party without having something that will be a viable opponent to the socialist Dem party. Even the Tea Party groups worked within rather than setting the party afire.
I have a feeling Cleveland will be interesting. I also think that Donald will throw a tantrum if he doesn't get his own way. Which by itself says something about Donald's personality and character. In short, he's a whiner. And a sore loser. I would not enter any sort of business deal with him. If he does not get his own way, you will be trampled by his herd of lawyers, or left broke by his bankruptcy declaration. He does have "New York" values, get out of his way. No thanks.


BlogDog said...

Do you honestly think Trump will spend the amount of his own money it takes to run a campaign not for nomination but for election? No, we'll just see a continuing Trumpertantrum and more lies.

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