Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Déjà vu, all over again


Someone comes to mind... Hmmmmm Think about it.  In 1980 the world was a mess with radical Islam on the ascent, and targeting the USA. We had, probably, the worst president in modern times bungling a response. The GOP tried everything in the book to derail his candidacy.  Unions, always a safe Democrat sinecure flocked to him.  He had a beautiful, elegant wife.  I had a neighbor who went apoplectic at the mere mention of his name. Whoa! His election had the practical effect of hijacking an incompetent GOP, and failed in the long term only because his VP succeeded him and undid it all.

Oh snap! 
There is this ... How Trump Killed Reaganism.  So, once elected we'll have to depose him (via impeachment of course), and V.P. Palin will make everything right.

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Tom Smith said...

Not a Trump supporter yet but will be in the general if he is the guy. Have few doubts about him or Cruz beating Clinton.

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