Sunday, April 03, 2016


Nice Doggies

On subject: " Max is a case of the tail wagging the movie. Thank goodness it does, however, since the tale itself leaves a bit to be desired ...It’s part faith-based family film, part teen coming-of-age melodrama with a hint of “American Sniper”-“The Hurt Locker” war-zone action tossed in." Ebert.



Anonymous said...


drew458 said...

and "accidentally" sneak little scraps of bacon into the pockets of anyone boarding the airplane who could use a bit of extra profiling.

"wus yore name Derp? This hyar dawg shore seems to lak yew!"

MAX Redline said...

You realize that the dogs used by TSA and cops are wash-outs, right? They can't make the cut as seeing-eye dogs. so the agencies get them.

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