Monday, April 25, 2016

How To Explain Economics To A Liberal

This is Uberly Good


Tom Smith said...

So there must be a "lower class economics" somewhere?

Leonard Jones said...

There was a truly great "Motivational image"
on the internet that showed a little puppy
and a blonde staring intently at a chessboard. The
caption was something about understanding
that some tasks will forever remain out
of reach, like teaching a blonde how to
play chess.

God himself could not teach liberals how
a free market economy works. This is
because they stubbornly cling to the
long debunked static model. They are
so narrow in their sight, they truly
believe as P.J. O'Rourke said if someone
get an extra slice of pizza,
that someone has to eat the box.

Back in the 92 campaign, there was a lot
of talk withing the GOP about a flat tax.
On This Week With David Brinkley, there
was a debate on the subject. Sam Donaldson
kept insisting that such a tax would not
be fair. He kept going on and on about
how the rich should pay more taxes than
the poor.

George Will, Cokie Roberts and even
Brinkley himself attempted to school the
moron that under a flat tax, the the
rich WOULD pay more. This man was a
talking head on a nationally syndicated
show, and he could not grasp the idea
that someone making 20 million a year
would pay a hell of a lot more than
someone making 20 thousand a year.

He basically gave up on the subject,
vowing to "Research the issue." Teaching
people like this is like tying to teach
a blonde how to play chess!

Sonoboy said...

Perhaps the curtains didn't match the rug, but I've lost to several blondes in chess. I was playing the long game. (At least that's what I tell myself).

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Leonard, I remember watching that very sequence and referenced it a few times when I was on FR.

Leonard Jones said...

Roger, that one made me wonder how someone
so monumentally stupid, and unable to under-
stand grade school math could be paid that

I am a lousy public speaker, but for that
kind of money, I would lose my fear of it in
a nanosecond.

One question for the C&S fans out there:

Why do we spend so much time losing to
these idiots?

Anonymous said...

Nice video, but there are some flaws in his presentation, first, most business startup lending is done without help from our local banks but that said, this guy Dan Joseph (twitter DanJoseph78) is a rabid NeverTrumper. I can't seen to square that he's against a businessman occupying the White House. Perhaps he never heard of President Calvin Coolidge or to paraphrase his famous quote "the business of America is business."

righty gomez

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