Friday, April 15, 2016

Palin is Right


DougM said...

Nye has a BS in Mechanical Engineering,
but he did take an astronomy class from Carl Sagan once, sooo…
"…but I play one on TV."

Sonoboy said...

He probably shaves his legs on a tighter schedule than you do, Sarah. So, lighten up on the guy. Even tho' he's a dweeb.

Oh, and this from a guy that views you as a true GILF.
(Governor I'd Like...oh hell, you know the rest.)

Anonymous said...

Nope Sonoboy. Anyone that suggests people should be jailed for disagreeing with the government on climate change deserves all the ridicule he gets.

Sonoboy said...

I stand corrected. Somehow, I have missed hearing about his stance on jailing people like me. So now, he douches daily also.

Unknown said...

With a BS in mechanical engineering, he reminds me of
Bob Villa, the so-called expert in home repairs. I once heard
from someone who worked on his home that he could barely
change a light bulb without the help of a contractor. Just like
all of these so-called "Reality" shows, his shows were
completely scripted.

Bill Nye is like that idiot who, in an attempt to promote
his concept for a science show, conned people into believing
his small son was aloft a helium balloon. Someone
viewing the runaway balloon on TV did the math. It
did not have enough volume to lift more than a few pounds.

Anybody can read a script. The shit Nye was spewing was over
his head. I watched an episode where he was warning against
the dangers of "Holes in the Ozone," created by use of aerosol

First, the use of CFC's in spray cans was banned nearly 30
years earlier. Problem number 2: How does a heavier than air
compound that breaks down in soil bacteria ever make it to
such heights?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Unknown but appreciated

Anonymous said...

I believe they found ozone is produced with incident light(radiation?) hitting O2 molecules in the upper atmosphere. Guess what part of the atmosphere is in shade part of the year.

Tom in Ga

BlogDog said...

Bill Nye is a butt nugget.

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