Wednesday, April 20, 2016

RACIST? Everything this administration does is race-centric.

$20 Tubman

Because she's the 1,765,322nd most notable historical figure in the nation's history.


Anonymous said...

She has all of the necessary qualifications in today's society. A black female. A double victim.

Anonymous said...

Weren't there some cross dressing women who fought in the Civil War? What about them?

Anonymous said...

General/President Jackson had no comment (unless turning over in his grave counts). Meanwhile, Malcom X is on the waiting list for the $3 bill.

L/Cpl First Class Slack

Anonymous said...

You are overlooking the fact that she was a Republican and a gun owner.

Anonymous said...

She was a gun-owning Republican. As opposed to a racist Democrat. This administration could do a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Can't have an Adams, Madison or Monroe, or even a Frederick Douglass; noo-oo, gotta have woman for the Coming of Hillary.
Rodge, I do think your ranking was a little harsh - she's prolly about 95,658th, but Molly Pitcher, Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison and Clara Barton all outrank her, but being white, are not qualified.
Sultan Buraq The Divider is getting desperate to leave his mark as his clock runs out and Uhbamacare is crashing.
I was happy to see Putin tell him to FOAD today.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

They coulda kept a Jackson on the $20 bill and put Jesse Jackson on it. Or Samuel L. Jackson (with his hat on backwards, of course, and sayin' "What's in YOUR wallet, Muthafucka?"). Or Michael Jackson, but he'd be better on a $3 bill.

Obama and Sharpton wanted themselves on the bills, but were advised to wait until Kanye West takes office.

We'd really like to see all manner of African-Americans on U.S. currency. How about Amos'n'Andy? Or Stepin Fetchit, Aunt Jemima, or Uncle Ben?

Actually, "Aunt Jemima" will probably become the new slang term for a double sawbuck, as in "Can you lend me an Aunt Jemima?"

Anonymous said...

I hope they have her carrying her rifle on the Tubby bills.

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