Thursday, April 14, 2016

Steve Hawking


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Oer the weekend I announced to our children (who still actually go to the movies) that we had discovered the sleeper movie of the year—The Theory of Everything.  Further more, I continued, the guy who played Steven Hawking should have won an Academy Award!  Silence.  Then, a half dozen voices, in unison—"HE DID!"

One thing I did not mention is, that if the real Jane Hawking looked anything like her movie self, I'd hit on her. 

Jane Hawking

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Sonoboy said...

Every time I now hear talk of Hawking, I think back to Drew Carey's book "Dirty Jokes and Beer". The book had an ENTIRE chapter dedicated to the comedic premise of 'My D**K's SO BIG That...'

Drew stated that his favorite was this:

'My d**k's SO big, Steven Hawking has a theory about it...

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