Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Uncivil War


Esteve said...

Does Peter King have a Go-Fund-Me site?

Anonymous said...

Most chemical supply houses sell sodium and potassium cyanide, we can give King a link and take up a collection.

Interestingly, in searching for cyanide for this post, I found you can buy it just by signing up for an account with many chemical supply houses. No ID, it is not restricted.
But when I go to the pharmacy for sudafed for my fucked up sinuses, I have to submit an ID, pledge allegiance to the DEA, give a stool sample, and know the inverse log of 43 to get my medication.
malaking baboy

toadold said...

Ted Cruz is running into the perception problem. He may or may not be a delegate thief but he is "perceived" enough voters then the crowd wanting "Robert's Rules of Order" for the convention instead of the "House" rule may succeed.
Then again some sick old geezer may do a suicide run after the convention.

Anonymous said...

It bears repeating: Plan from the beginning was for Donald to play the part of Ross Perot. Hillary WILL be president next year.


Sonoboy said...

Wow! So the powers-that-be have decided that it's Hills' turn, and that's it, as far as the election is concerned. They're cutting it a little too close, aren't they? They arraigned to have Trump play the role of Ross Perot, but did they ever stop to think, probably more than a year ago, that their little political 'actor' would come within striking distance of the White House? I mean literally. It's almost as if Donald was one of those fence jumpers of late that have vaulted over the WH fence and gained entrance to the physical structure itself. Wearing CROCS, no less.

And their plan, however clandestine and cleverly concocted it was, was BRILLIANTLY bifurcated to include not just a pawn on the GOP side. No! We'll have 'Good ol Bernie' appear to attack her from the left, all to increase her appeal to the hordes of women voters.

Yeah, their plan is working perfectly, isn't it? I so wish I could audit your conspiracy course at Bill and Mary's. I SO love works of FICTION. With just a sprinkling of BS, for excitement...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of CROCS, why is wearing crocs like getting your dick sucked by a man?

Because it feels fine until you look down and realize you're gay!

Moo-lin-yan Nabo-li-don

Stu Tarlowe said...

Hillary Clinton is at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter, surveying his paperwork, says, "Hmmm, what was your name again? I don't think you're on the List."

"HILLARY! HILLARY CLINTON!" she screeches. "I was the first female president of the United States!"

"I don't see you listed, Mrs. Clinton," says St. Peter. "When were you elected?"


[Originally told about the first black president, BHO.]

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