Friday, April 29, 2016

Tom Selleck v. Obama


Actor Tom Selleck is once again under fire and in the spotlight for making controversial comments, ones that have sparked ire amongst his liberal Hollywood peers and the media as well. Selleck is no stranger to controversy, as he’s been known for speaking his mind and shooting straight from the hip. Whether defending The Second Amendment or playing the role of Frank Reagan on the CBS crime-drama series, Blue Bloods, the former Magnum PI star continues to carry a love-hate relationship with tinsel town and those who put him under the microscope.

Selleck isn’t shy about how he feels about President Obama, and he recently implied that serving in the military may have done him (Obama) some good. In one of his latest video commentaries, Selleck all but slaps Obama in the face by talking about good old fashioned family values: “The greatest satisfaction in life I know is family. They’ve been my best friends and the people who keep me in line. I wouldn’t be obviously where I am today without family, and support, structure and values I got from my parents.”

Selleck goes on to talk about how he served in the military during the Vietnam War, which may have been another dig at the president for not serving in the armed forces. While the video does reveal his patriotism for his family and his country, he may very well have been taking another shot at Obama in terms of how he was raised. Needless to say, Tom Selleck has become a true hero with American conservatives for going against the grain of Hollywood haters and giving the president a piece of his mind!

Blue Bloods is by far our favorite series; and Selleck our favorite actor. Stands to reason then that Hollywood hates him.


Juice said...

Timing is everything.
Today was the first time I watched an episode of Blue Bloods. Apparently it is marathon so I set the DVR for series record because it was just that good. Funny, I read about it here long ago and tried it out today. And yes, Tom Selleck is one of the good ones. I like Blue Bloods a lot.

Juice said...

p.s. One thing though, does the whole freaking family live under one roof - all the time - even the married ones? I get it for Duck Dynasty as a realty show, but these are fictional characters. What's deal? "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Anonymous said...

They live around NYC and just get together for Sunday dinner.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bloods is one of my favorite shows and Tom Selleck is a wonderful actor, but he did not go to Vietnam. But there is nothing wrong with that. Like him, I am a Vietnam Era Veteran. I also never went to Vietnam. I was USAF from 1973 thru 1977 as a Ground Radio Communications Equipment Repairman (304X4). 3 years at RAF Bentwaters UK.
While he was under contract, the Vietnam War was raging, and he knew he would soon be drafted. He joined the National Guard and was on active duty for six months. "It wasn't an easy road," he says, "because I was in an infantry unit, and I actually got activated to go to Vietnam the day after I got back from my six months of active duty. I was a six-foot-four machine gunner. Then, two days later, they changed the orders. I think Lyndon Johnson felt we were needed in L.A. for riot control, and they took another unit."
During the Vietnam War, Selleck was issued draft orders. To take some measure of control over the situation, he joined the California National Guard in the 160th infantry regiment. He served from 1967 to 1973. He later appeared on California National Guard recruiting posters.
Everyone's favorite mustachio played a private investigator in Hawaii and Vietnam veteran on TV, but in real life Tom Selleck was a soldier in the California Army National Guard. He was called to duty in 1965 during the Watts Riots.

CF in CO

poletax said...

Tom Selleck and Denzel Washington are two of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

"Selleck goes on to talk about how he served in the military during the Vietnam War"

In fairness, Selleck did not write the article and we have no idea what he actually said, but...and it's a big but...the article does not say he served IN Viet Nam, but during it. As did a host of others. And, I've never seen any direct evidence to show he ever made that claim. And, the National Guard is the military, as a boat load of folks found out when they got activated after 9/11 and were sent off to get shot at and shot up. Not to mention a not insignificant number who found themselves federalized and sent to Viet Nam to get shot at and shot up, including some grunt and direct combat support troops. Also a not insignificant number of Air Guard units who flew air support missions in Viet Nam where they got shot at and shot up.

Although in fairness, whilst it did considerably lessen one's chances, National Guard and Reserve were not the guarantee of avoiding going to Viet Nam that most people thought it was, far from it.

And finally, and not to denigrate anyone's service beginning in 1973, the cease-fire was signed in late January of '73 with everybody di di mao by the end of March. That's Vietnamese for "get the hell out" for all you Guard, Reserve and active duty troops who didn't get to go. Not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

P.S., I liked the Jessie Stone series better than Blue Bloods. Just sayin'.

Sir H the Comet

Skoonj said...

My DC ANG squadron, based at Andrews AFB, MD, was sent to Viet Nam a few years before I joined it in 1981. They flew F-105 Thuds then, and had only one casualty the year they ere there. The squadron commander was killed.

I got there as they were preparing to transition to the F-4. I was a WSO, and got a few range flights in the F-105D, a two seater. I was on a couple of air to air missions, but I have to say that plane could go like hell in a straight line, but trying to turn with another plane was useless.

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