Thursday, April 21, 2016

trump agonistes


trump agonistes

Trump's pretty bad, all right. He's also the last turnoff before the cliff, but that apparently doesn't matter. We'd all much rather go down with our GOP flags flying!  comment

It's the "our GOP flags flying!" that catches my attention in this comment.  It ascribes to the GOP virtues that haven't existed for 60 years.  When I was with Free Republic I publicly cut my GOP member card in two; I forget why.  That doesn't mean I haven't voted a straight GOP ticket since; it means GOP candidates have been, without exception, in my view, better than any Democrat. And that's still true, but not good enough.

I am not a Republican, I am an American who votes for the party that will do the least damage, and that has been the GOP for the last 50 years.

There's not a soul reading this page who has not expressed outrage over recent GOP failure to live up to campaign promises, and acquiescence to Democrat Party, and Democrat media demands.  So, at what point is enough enough? 

I didn't watch Trump's "Apprentice" gig;  I found him insufferable (while admiring his accomplishmet)  in the documentary about his 757, and I don't think I'll agree with much he does as president.  I'm backing him because I've concluded that the GOP and DNC are in collusion, their primary only
goal to perpetuate fiefdoms. 

There's more.

I'm convinced that during the current occupation this nation has been mortally wounded, and recovery begins with destroying a cancerous political infrastructure (the Dem and Republican parties), and getting hold of immigration, spending, Muslim poison, clamping down on the black crime, which is now epidemic; and most importantly IMO, preparing for forthcoming conflicts with Islam, China, Russia, and every other nation that now views us as a confused transgendered nation ready to be strangled and consumed.

Who else but Trump?  Seriously.  And guess what?  If Hillary Clinton is elected (she will not be), it means we are by now so infested with the monumentally ignorant that we have already been pronounced.  Sheesh. 
Lock and load.  Or, in my case, God speed, you ignorant twats.


Sonoboy said...

Agreed. We need to take 'em down. Trumps merely the tool with which we do it.

Anonymous said...

We are also supporting Trump. Not because we love Trump (we do not!), but because we love our country (what's left of it)!

But we fear that Hillary will be elected, because the American public has become that bloodyfuckingstupid.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

USMC2841 said...

I longed for the day the Republicans helped the job market by following the law concerning illegal immigration and H1-B visas, I wanted the Republicans to vote to defund Obamacare and I waited for a Republican congress to hold Lois Lerner in contempt and imprison her. Instead they outsource every congressional decision to Presidential orders and government policies. Is Trump obnoxious? Yes. Is Trump going to deliver on everything? No. The GOP refuses to ask itself why a man who isn't politically savvy or staffed with a bunch of insiders is so favored by their base but instead they continue to insult the man and those who vote for him as fools. Win or lose he has had a tremendous affect on the party already. Rubio or Bush would have been the GOPe's choice but now they hold their noses and back Cruz. If Donald Trump gives us nothing else at least Mitch McConnell will have to go to Cruz with his hat in his hand.

Anonymous said...

It is an intellectually lazy journey that leads one to Trump. We have an opportunity to elect Reagan II in the person of Ted Cruz. Burning down the house is a poor solution to fighting termites.


Anonymous said...

Long live the Real King of France.

ussa! ussa! ussa! said...

make rafael edwardo cruz amerika's first cuban-canadian el presidente.

Anonymous said...

Casca BS BS BS BS CRUDZ BIS A LIAR AND CHEAT!!! Vote for him if you want but spare the rest of us from having to deal with your gullibility.


Anonymous said...

I am many things, but I am not gullible or a fool. Those of you who think you can trust anything that Trump says are the definition of gullible fools. Look at these men's lives, and character. One is an absolute sleezeball in every respect, and the other a virtuous and honorable man.

You remind me of all the "good" Catholics who voted for democrats for decades, all the while ignoring their support of murdering 3000 babies a day in their mother's womb.

It's OK. Trump won't have enough first round delegates, unless he can pull something out in Indy, which he can't, and Cruz will crush him in the second round, then you can all wail that you were cheated.


Sonoboy said...

Today I listened to Erick Erickson on WSB here in Atlanta for the first time in WEEKS. It was not my intent to do so, as I had to quit tuning in when he became absolutely insufferable in his support of Cruz and condemnation of Trump. Then, about a week ago, I'm flipping thru the presets (WSB also carries Rushbo) when I hear another of WSBs personalities during Erick's time slot. So I stay planted, since it's actually good, enjoyable radio banter from the stand-in host. I never do make out if Erick is on vacation or what, and I don't care. I just want the pleasure of good radio.

Well, today Erick reappears and announces that he's been hospitalized with some lung aneurism condition and that he should have died, and yadda-yadda he's got to take it easy for several months. And I'm thinking to myself that if he had not been so RETENTIVE in an anal and every other way maybe this wouldn't have happened. He stated the condition had been coming on for months, and I'm thinking 'Yeah, about the time that Trump started kicking butt among the GOP types'.

Would Erick ever admit that the Trump rise was the cause of his condition? I dunno. And I don't care. Because tomorrow, I'll go back to tuning in the replacement talk station, or music, or silence. Because they're all preferable to Erick, and what he's become. And it seems I'll also have to give up Mark Levin, at least until this election cycle is over.

Sigh. At least I've still got ANN.

Wabano said...


pdwalker said...

off topic.

smart kid in that picture.

(yes, Uncle Rodger, I think you're right)

Stu Tarlowe said...

Casca, isn't it ironic how the very same folks who love Trump for standing up to the media and the political establishment and the BS they spew -- those same folks are only too happy to swallow the BS spewed by the media, the political establishment and Trump himself about Ted Cruz?

[Update:] Are any Trumpists gonna be disillusioned with Trump suddenly going all politically correct and pandering to the gender-benders? Could that be Trump's "Dead Zone moment", when even his most ardent supporters realize he's not presidential material?

Sonoboy said...

You have brought into discussion one of my favorite movies, and I agree, some parallels could be drawn. But not in the way you mean.

We have seen every imaginable wart a political candidate could possess in Donald Trump. The guy does not pull his punches, and it makes every one of his supporters wince when he does so. But it's this unvarnished view we see when the cameras are on that underscores his genuine demeanor. In contrast to this, I see Cruz as the cloaked candidate.

Yes, I equate Ted Cruz with the Martin Sheen character in 'The Dead Zone'. We see a polished projection of a sitting Senator; the very essence of an insider candidate. Maybe I'm taking a cynical approach in this stance, but that's my view. Ted Cruz may be a highly moral man, and I have stated that I would support him should he nominated. He just seems a little too polished for my tastes.

Eskyman said...

I am honored to have my little throwaway comment elevated to this prominence!

However, I actually said, "...We'd all much rather go down with our GOPe flags flying." That little "e" is important (to me, at least.)

It's the establishment crooks and whores that I object to, that have subverted our Grand Old Party and made it into Democrat Lite. It seems their only object in life these days is to smooth the path for God-King Obama and his sycophants.

Donald Trump, with all his many faults and weaknesses, is still the only real American left in the race, as I see it. If he loses, we're done for (it's probably too late anyway, but at least he gives me hope.)

Hogue said...

Casca et al,

St Ann put it perfectly when she said its like having to bail your son out of prison. He may be ugly, unpolished, debatable mental capacity, and sayer of cringeworthy statements regularly; but he is the only shot we have to beat her filthiness and finish what the tea party started. The GOPe ignored, subverted, then appropriated the tea party effectively neutering it. We have had control since 2000 and have accomplished squat. Instead of being a roadblock for the communists(D) we have been a speedbump made of marshmallows. Do not lump those on this site with being low information voters who if they would just be a little more intellectual would finally see the light with Cruz. Many of us agree with him, but he isnt a winner. We keep trotting out the old saggy white loser to the media slaughterhaus and hoping that America will listen to an 8 hour diatribe on policy. Fun Fact: you are the minority. The American voter will never hear policy arguments because the national attention span is headline not textbook length. Eyes wide open voting for Trump. Our founders werent politicians and I liked them alright. Trump is no Reagan, but he is a dick. Time to send a boner to the whitehouse, because we have had pussies too long.

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