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IS THIS SIGN FOR REAL?                     


Is this sign for real?

Stu Tarlowe

This sign was depicted in an e-mail I got today from the Media Research Center, urging me to sign the American Family Association's petition for a boycott of Target stores because of Target's capitulation to the demands of the "gender identity" bullies.

I have to wonder, though, if the sign is real.

Having studied Graphic Design, I have to admire the way the sign addresses the matter of those who are "gender confused" (although, having studied English, I'm not pleased at how the word "gender" has been hijacked and misused; strictly speaking, only words have gender; living things have sex, and there are only two choices).

The figure depicted (by combining the "man" and "woman" symbols) as half-man, half-woman is a logical solution to a visual communication challenge. But one can't help but wonder what the LGBTQSTFU "community" thinks of it. Do they think it's "respectful" enough of their "gender identity or expression" issues?

And WTF does a person in a wheelchair have to do with "gender identity or expression"?

Anyway, real or not, in actual use on actual restroom doors or not, I think the "half-man, half-woman" graphic should see far greater exposure, whenever the need arises to refer to the LGBTQSTFU community or any of its members. If they don't like that graphic, maybe they can come up with another one, like just a big ol' question mark.

It's real Stu ...
Denver: Gender-Neutral Restroom SignsDelivered

On October 28, the city of Philadelphia passed an LGBTQ-inclusive reform stating that all city-owned buildings must be equipped with gender-neutral restroom signs. It’s no surprise that Denver has begun to follow suit, starting with their youth. Using designated restrooms can be a real challenge for those who don’t identify with either “men” or “women” restroom signs. MyDoorSign is partnering with organizations in Colorado to resolve this issue through the creation, production, and distribution of a line of all-gender restroom signs. [Full]


Stu Tarlowe said...

Aha! I clicked on the "MyDoorSign" link and found a number of signs, but none with the half-man, half-woman graphic.
Many of the signs did, however, depict a "Western"-style toilet. I think this is extremely Western-centric and egregiously offensive to our Islamic brethren around the world, who prefer to squat over a tiled hole in the floor (aka "Turkish toilet").

Regnad Kcin said...

Went to Alfa Romeo school in El Segundo, CA long ago. Had to use the can and noticed a sign written in Italian on the stall door. I asked the instructor what that said. He told me that it was for the non-English speaking Italian workers reminding them not to stand on the toilet seats when dropping a deuce. Turns out they were breaking the seats and crapping all over the commodes. Seems that in the old country they were used to making their deposits in a hole in the floor and were confused by the American style plumbing. And, these are the folks who produce Ferraris.

Anonymous said...

Many states and communities have building codes (laws) that must be enforced pertaining to the number of fixtures in each sex's bathroom. For example, less commodes for men since urinals can be installed. I have no problem with a unisex bathroom provided it is a one fixture room that can be locked like the one at my house.

Anonymous said...

Progressivel women are gonna love it when men who "feel" feminine piss all over their toilet seats.
Give it time for the feel goodness to wear off.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailguner dick

Anonymous said...

Well anyone that is for this law never made the mistake of going into a Japanese train station bathroom. Porcelain slit trenches, no divider doors and there's Mamma San pinching a loaf as a howdy do as you walk in. I'm still not right in the head. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Japanese bathrooms, lots of fun there. I always liked it when the old cleaning lady would be cleaning the urinal next to the one you're using. Probably wondering if it's true what they say about Americans...

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