Friday, April 22, 2016

Who are the racists?

Debating The Pasty Face Maggot Pie                                     


PragerU is a cornucopia of  concise debating point videos covering damn near every current hot issue—like  Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals? Now you'd think that opponents would challenge the logical consistency and factual accuracy used by the Affirmative.  Unless they cannot.  One commenter explains ..

"The problem with this video is that it uses facts, logic, and common sense to argue a point. That is not fair.

The liberal response (ravenkrofft):

"It's hilarious how they try to help their narrative by using a black guy in this video.,"

In rebuttal:

" It's hilarious how you discredit an entire video just because the narrator is black. Wait, you just basically proved this video right.

Quite by chance I next watched The Best of Liberal "Tolerance," produced by one elly maye.  And there you have it; reason versus cackle. There can be no debate when one side refuses to engage.  Not that this is news.


Tom Smith said...

Its why I avoid people

drew458 said...

The M&M factory is right around the corner here in Hackettstown NJ, in the solid red corner of this deep blue state. Probably the biggest employer in the county. You see plenty of #18 hats and shirts around here. Go Kyle!

This one in your post probably works at the cat food plant out in LA.

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