Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ann Ravel-Obamanite

Ann Ravel was a relatively unknown government official, until her words got featured on the Drudge Report. Soon, the trolls were screaming at her to drop dead.

In October 2014, then-Federal Election Commission Vice Chairwoman Ann Ravel did what she often does: speak her mind about political campaign issues.

“A re-examination of the Commission’s approach to the Internet and other emerging technologies is long overdue,” Ravel, a Democrat, wrote in lamenting a deadlocked commission vote over whether an Ohio-based business group must include disclaimers on political ads it posted for free on
But Ravel’s statement—just finding it on the FEC’s website in no small feat—didn’t disappear into the Internet’s bowels as bureaucratic missives often do.

Instead, in a sign of how toxic American politics have become, it spawned unbridled ugliness, including death threats that have drawn the attention of law enforcement. What appears to have initially prompted the torrent of messages targeting Ravel: an Oct. 25, 2014, banner headline on the Drudge Report: “DEMS ON FEC MOVE TO REGULATE DRUDGE.”

“Die, fascist, die!” one anonymous person wrote to Ravel in an email reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity.

“Hope you have a heart attack,” read another email.

“Go fall down about ten flights of stairs,” yet another person wrote.

Other threats, while less overt, are equally disquieting.

“Best to be careful what you ask for. You will more than likely find the ‘Nazi’ scenario showing its ugly head,” one wrote to Ravel, who is a (Hollywood) Jew. [FULL]

Democrats have been trying (post Reagan) for years to  reinstate their beloved Fairness Doctrine by any means possible   A few years ago Senator Ed Markey claimed that "hate speech" is fueling crimes, so it must be regulated. This move by Obama is just the latest.  Now, if you are a real patriot, as in "founding fathers patriot," then, yes, by all means we defend the "faith."  Thomas Jefferson is marching with us.  That's what I think. But I am also troubled by what we're fighting for? Our children and future generations?  It seems they don't give a rat's ass. So, there's that. Fk'm.  I'm going down fighting.

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