Thursday, May 19, 2016

Apple iPad sux

All said- I hate Apple's guts

Since you've hijacked their brand, I will, for a price, tell you everything you should fix.


Sonoboy said...

You have my sympathies. It took me awhile to learn the iPad is only decent for content consumption, not creation. This is why Apple needs to dial back their advertisements that imply the opposite. Get yourself a MacBook and be done with it.

pdwalker said...

Oh Crap. You said "macbook", now you're going to give him a stroke and then he'll really get worked up.

Anonymous said...

Inclusive. Diverse. On the right side of history. Overpriced, walled garden.


Here's the question: iPhone and ipad and ipod. All white only? Or, if you're flush, you can oreo with glitz and bling.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH its on your face.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Sons boy captured the rescue center of it. Re MacBook, I have win 8, it,s all I need

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a Mac a while back. But they were so expensive and I didn't make much money at the time. So I was forced to become technologically literate instead. -Anymouse

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