Saturday, May 14, 2016

Baltimore Trash

Liberal Racism                          

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie "Death Glare"Rawlings-Blake

In news that we can only assume will have Mississippi and North Carolina jumping for joy, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie "Death Glare" Rawlings-Blake (the worst Mayor ever) has declared that she won't authorize the travel of city officials to states which don't allow people wearing shoe-mirrors to flip a coin as their preferred method of deciding which bathroom to use.

Rawlings-Blake is, of course, most famous for her asinine policy decision to pull back police in order to give "space" to rioters and arsonists in Baltimore "who wish to destroy." Which workedgreat, by the way, assuming that you find smoldering rubble to be a tourist attraction.

Apparently, restrooms are the next sacrificial "space" that this bitter, self-important idiot wants to give away to placate those who "wish to destroy" - in this case, the innocence and privacy of others. [Full HOPE&CHANGE] (via skoonj)
Here's the antidote, but alas ....


Juice said...

Hahaha that is a great comic strip. But, not so much a death glare as a resting bitch face. Anyway, no group in the USA is more supportive of anti-Constitutional freedom than the left.

Anonymous said...

Whyinhell would "city officials" from B'more need to go to NC or MIss on the city dime?


DougM said...

I live in NC and don't go to Bal'more, 'cause'a their bigotry against folks identifyin' as free and responsible by bein' armed for self defense.

TheOldMan said...

"...the worst Mayor ever..." She shares that honor with Coleman Young, "De maya o de people oh Deeetroit".

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