Monday, May 16, 2016

Dartmouth Lice

   Black Lice Matter Blather

A display created by Dartmouth College Republicans to honor fallen police officers was torn down by Black Lives Matter activists and replaced with a hateful message about honoring the "perpetrators" of anti-black violence.

The Republicans reserved space on the campus bulletin board and followed all school regulations. But the BLM radicals removed the display without permission, saying that it was "offensive" to blacks and "white supremacist."

At the bottom, the display said in big letters, “BLUE LIVES MATTER.”
This last part of the display appears to have outraged Black Lives Matter supporters at Dartmouth, several of whom vocally complained on Twitter and Facebook that the display was offensive and even “white supremacist.”

But Black Lives Matter did more than just complain, they also took action. The original display was torn down Friday morning, at about 11 a.m, and in its place almost three dozen sheets of paper were used to cover the bulletin board, all of them carrying an identical message: “YOU CANNOT CO-OPT THE MOVEMENT AGAINST STATE VIOLENCE TO MEMORIALIZE THE PERPETRATORS.” At the bottom, each sheet also had the hashtag “#blacklivesmatter” printed on it.

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rwnutjob said...

Just read it. Destroys every premise of the black lives movement.

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