Saturday, May 14, 2016


Good morning Vietnam


Esteve said...

I consider myself a gun guy but that was just stupid wrong. I was hoping the young guy with the driver would take him out.

leelu said...

Somewhere in the vastness of the intertubes there i a vid of some pro golfers hitting balls to knock clay pigeons out of the sky.

Eskyman said...

That "prank" guy is very lucky that none of the golfers were CCW holders. If they had been, the prank guy would likely have been carried out on a stretcher.

He's also lucky that no one sued him for hearing or emotional damage.

In all, a very stupid "prank" that any responsible gun owner would never, ever do; a brainless moron with a shotgun, sure!

Did they forget to show the first part where he tells his buddy, "Hold my beer and watch this?"

Juice said...

IMO, the whole thing is entertainment value with everyone included in its production. No one - No one - who is concentrating on a good drive will not exhibit an external response to the sound of a shotgun that near to them and without ear protection. With that in mind, it's still not funny. It just makes good ol' boys look pretty stupid.

Sonoboy said...

He shoulda used a suppressor to fit in better with the 'genteel' crowd. Suppressors are all the rage these days, it seems, from all the models hitting the market.

Skoonj said...

Just shootin' some golfs, Uncle Jed.

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