Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Quip of the Day

Q: Mr. Trump, do you really think you can unify the party?

A: The part of the party that will stay, yes.  
As heard on morning news (Today Show) by MoSup 


Tom Smith said...

kind of embarrassing.........

Anonymous said...

He's right.

Time for a thorough cleansing of the filth which has perverted the GOP over the past 30 years or so.

They hand us Dole, McCain Romney.
We hand them the House.
We hand them the Senate.
They hand OBAMA everything he wanted.

Take no prisoners.

Tom Smith said...

I dont think that the GOP leadership is what he means. I think his knife is going to cut off the part (read conservative) that wont go in step with what he says and does.

Juice said...

Anonymous : 5/4/16, 8:02 AM
Exactly. One good ol' boy after the next that ensured Liberal success.

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