Wednesday, May 04, 2016

RIP Whoever you were

RIP -- Whoever You Were


Juice said...

Thank you for this post. I am so freaking tired of hearing about how us (stupid ass) voters and Trump ruined the GOP. Forever. What a bunch of sissyass b--chs. And Michal Reagan sends a message to FOX, "This is no longer the party of Reagan. Hope you're happy." wtf? The GOP wasn't the party of Reagan when Reagan ran, and then they gave us G.H.W. Bush, Dole, McCainiac, Romney - None of whom were "Conservative".

It seems to me that unless we start recovering from our national debt and invasion of illegals flooding America, there will be no conservatism to consider when we crash and burn like the EU. Trump is no Jesus, but I hope he can trounce The Hillabeast; which, there was no chance of any other candidate the GOP attempted to enamize us with - again. So, eff them and their cry baby hissy fits.

(Wait, was that a hissy fit of my own? dammit)

Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats are owed a congratulations for having two Democrats on the primary ticket, one with D behind her name, and one with R behind his.
malaking baboy

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Right ON! Hell- Joe Stalin once studied to be a Catholic Orthodox priest. And there is no way the Republican party as a political entity will disappear; as Trump alluded to this morning- "Only the people I want will be gone." Which is all I can really hope for and expect from him; clean house!

Cheesy said...

Daily News plagiarized that from a comment I made right after Trump won Indiana - fucking crap that passes for journalism these days.

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