Monday, May 16, 2016

Taking Ted Orally-AWK!

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The Edward M. Kennedy Oral History Project

The Edward M. Kennedy Oral History Project, created in partnership with the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, is a compilation of interviews from current and former members of the Senate, House, administration officials, foreign leaders, Senate staff, issue advocates, journalists, Mary Jo Kopechne, family and friends documenting Senator Kennedy’s service. Following the launch of this collection, the Institute is planning an annual speaker series that will draw on this resource to highlight current and future national issues before the U.S. Senate.


Inspire the Next Generation?  Looks like he already has .... Thank you Ted.
Tom Mann


Anonymous said...

If I were King For A Month, one of my orders would be to exhume the remains of that bum, liar, murdererer, adulterer, cheat & traitor from Arlington and cast them into an active volcano.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

Sheesh! How old is that article you cite? "The Vineyard Haven pharmacist, now 49, was the Dukes County grand jury foreman who requested in March 1970 that the jury be convened to investigate Kopechne's death."

[Edit:] Whew! the article is from 1989! So the guy was 30 when he was the jury foreman, not 3!

BTW, my late friend Lewis J Elfstone used to say that a computer model had established that Teddy's Oldsmobile had been traveling at 185 mph when it sailed off the bridge. To skeptics, he would explain: "In order for the impact to have whipped the panties clean off a woman riding in the back seat, the car had to traveling at no less than 185 mph!"

Juice said...

I'm with Tailgunner. There aren't enough words in our language to express the self-serving empty soul that was Ted Kennedy. He does not deserve the honor of Arlington.

rwnutjob said...

Ted Kennedy: celebrating 2456 days of sobriety.

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