Thursday, May 12, 2016

This simple brain teaser ...

This simple brain teaser will help evaluate your logical reasoning.
  • A genius can crack this one in just 10 seconds.
  • Bill Gates is said to have solved it in 20 seconds.
  • Harvard University alumni can do it in 40 seconds.
  • If you’ve found the right answer in two minutes, you are among the 15% of people who are the most intellectually gifted.
  • 75% of people found this puzzle impossible to solve and asked for a clue.
Here are five different shapes. The question is simple:


(I cracked it in 12 seconds.  I was wrong).


Sonoboy said...
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Anonymous said...


The question asks about the SHAPE.
SHAPE is "square, circle" etc etc.

A white "frame" has NOTHING to do with SHAPE.

"Odd one out" is also not a shape.
NOR is it the dominant in the sentence structure.

If it were, PERHAPS "A" would be correct.

Given the question asked, "C" is correct.


DougM said...

^ Trouble is, the word "shape" is ambiguous. It has many meanings.
Given the book answer, it seems to mean "figure," in the question.
I agree, though, it's a deceptive question (not clever, just deceptive).
Of course, if an answer is too obvious, one should look for an overlooked ambiguity.

Alternatively, one could argue that the left figure, being an odd-man-out as the others are, can't be the correct answer, either, because of that.
Therefore, the correct answer is the circle, which is the answer to the only unambiguous interpretation of the question.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Aha! I missed nothing!

Anonymous said...

What Doug said.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the supposed correct answer is the government bureaucracy interpretation.

drew458 said...

Make your choice, then follow the link and read their answer. Now start the fight.

I think this is more a test of your belief in yourself and your ability to make logical arguments; their answer is wrong and I will not knuckle under to their bullshit.

They argue that the latter 4 figures are all OMO because "they're like the first figure, except for ...", therefore the first figure is the odd one because it is the base comparator. This is weak logic, because any of the figures can be the base to which the others are compared. "Number 1 is just like number 4, except it's red not green; number 2 is just like number 4 except it's red not green and has no white border" and so on.

So I choose #2, which is just as OMO as all of the other ones, which are just like it except for individual differences.

Hey wait a second ... dat's raycis!!!

drew458 said...

OMO - odd man out, same as odd one out. Hey, it's late at night already.

Leonard Jones said...

We have all been trained to solve classic
logic problems. This means that almost
everyone will select B. I have to admit
that I chose B, but the clue was the word
shape. It is a lot like the classic gag
about an airplane that crashed right down
the middle of the border between Canada
and the US.

The question was "Which country was
responsible for burying the survivors?"

Ya gotta pay attention to the question!

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