Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trumps Court???

From the Roman Catholic perspective. Bottom line; all conservative


Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum endorsed Trump today, mostly based on Trump's SCOTUS list, said they were all fine conservatives who would protect the Constitution.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

...until the democrats say, 'That nominee is unacceptable'...then Trump will say, 'Let's make a deal. I'll nominate Chelsea and you can have that budget passed...'

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Which is all we can ask for.

Anonymous said...

You will no doubt be shocked to hear that a crazily homophobic federal judge has been tied to a gay sex scandal. But here’s the fun twist this time: Donald Trump is thinking about nominating him to the Supreme Court.
The man in question is William Holcombe “Bill” Pryor Jr., an eleventh-circuit judge and former Attorney General of Alabama. He’s married (to a woman), has two daughters, and he really really really hates queers. He’s said that queer people should be arrested for having consensual sex in their homes; that being gay is harmful; and he voted to keep kids in orphanages rather than allow them to go to supportive same-sex adoptive parents. Trump says he’d consider Pryor for the Supreme Court.

He is also, allegedly, featured in nude photographs that floated around on BadPuppy in the 90s. It sure looks like him! The man in the picture is looking glumly at the camera, on full display, and is identified as “Bill Pryor.” Various unnamed officials have identified the photo as authentic; but then again, it’s easy to claim all kinds of things anonymously.

For his part, Pryor says it’s not him, just like every other Republican asshole caught doing something sexual.

For now, Trump hasn’t said anything about Pryor’s potentially-naked past. But lots of other legitimate legal observers have heard the rumors, and are only too happy to spread them. Maybe that’s the silver lining to Trump’s impending presidency: it’ll force some truly shocking secrets out into the open.

You can see the NSFW shot of possibly-Pryor here, along with some very wild theories on the topic.


link is definitely NSFW

Anonymous said...

As for "protecting the Constitution", that particular judge has also said that states should be able to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Was "exposing" Bill Pryor's "homosexual scandal" just an excuse to get us to click on a homosexual website? It looks to us as if (if that's even really Bill Pryor) he may have been exploited as a youth, or made a youthful mistake. Being photographed with a hard-on is hardly the same as being photographed in flagrante delicto while buggering or being buggered. Somewhere there are probably the same or worse photos of Barack Obama, probably taken by Frank Marshall Davis.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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