Sunday, May 15, 2016

... whip it out?


DougM said...

Yeah, but my gun was registered with the gummint at birth.
Unlike my CCH pieces, I only have one peener and don't plan on gettin' another one.
But, unlike Theon Greyjoy, I ain't about to give up any of 'em.

Tom Smith said...

I think women should scream RAAAPPPEEEE if she sees a dude in the ladies room.

Esteve said...

It's not the pointing it at me that's the problem. It's pointing it at my wife, and my daughters and my grand daughters.

Anonymous said...

Next, they'll rename the "Restrooms" to "Raperooms."

Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect invention opportunity for you Dads and Grampas: develop and sell a device easily carried in purse or pocket, otherwise innocuous, which she can whip out and *smack* anything untoward that is whipped out and pointed at her.

Srsly, teaching guurlz to NOT be victims but to defend themselves is key, here.

e~C, guurl

Anonymous said...

I used to hate sending my daughters into a public restroom. Now I can just say that I feel like a woman and I'll go in and protect them.

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