Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Bill Nye: Liar? Or Idiot?

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There is a saying in the world of science that if scientific facts do not support your arguments then stop shouting. It is thus a waste of time to appeal to “scientism” or to rely on popular spokespersons like Al Gore or Bill Nye to make it look otherwise. (WUWT)

Bill Nye is rallying a "small minority" group of Americans to get out and vote — the fraction of society he says embraces "critical thinking over baseless anecdotes."

Nye, who became a household name in the 1990s with his popular show "Bill Nye the Science Guy," has been active this election season criticizing Republican presidential candidates who doubt the dangers of global warming. Most scientists blame carbon emissions, largely from burning fossil fuels, for driving manmade climate change.

Nye has antagonized Republicans in recent years by allying himself with President Obama and dismissing those who have questions about man's contributions to global warming as "deniers."

Speaking to a gathering of non-religious believers on the Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Nye stressed the importance of taking the environment and climate into account at the ballot box in November. [Full Story]

S'like if the Left used (the late) Mr. Rogers' celebrity with kids  to endorse pedophilia.  Here, courtesy of Anthony Watts, your rebuttal.

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OregonGuy said...

Thankfully, in Oregon, we define what we teach our kids, regardless of teh science:


h/t Max

Juice said...

Bill Nye: Liar? Or Idiot?


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