Sunday, June 12, 2016

But don't call them terrorists


Anonymous said...

1. The Left and MSM will use this to try to ban guns.
(WITHOUT basis)

2. The Right will call it islamic terrorism.
(WITH basis)

is the bad (and DEAD) guy just a spurned homosexual lover gone bad?

One of the MSM's top priorities is to cover for the Gaystapo and deflect from any negative reporting on them.

Anonymous said...

Another liberal conundrum. Kinda like an endangered animal eating an endangered plant.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous #1 (11:56AM)

Assuming his father was being honest
(which is assuming ALOT, as he is a muzzie)
I'm willing to forego the possibility that
the son was just another spurned homo who happened to be muslim.

I'd still LOVE to have it confirmed
by someone doing research on the killer,
one way or the other.

Sonoboy said...

So. It's now official. The I-SLAM-IC State has assumed responsibility for the Orlando shooting.

It will be interesting to see the DC spin machine and its' machinations concerning this.

MAX Redline said...

Guess what Omar's Florida voter registration shows?

Yep. Registered Pantsuit voter.

Anonymous said...

It's now coming out that the terrorist also scoped out Disney World. If he'd carried out his attack there, instead of a gay bar, would we be hearing a peep out of the LGBTQSTFU "community"? No, they would have actually STFU!

It's also being speculated that the scumbag's wife may be indicted as an accomplice or an accessory. They ought to indict the fucking Koran (aka The Terrorism Instruction Manual).

Caballero Andante

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