Sunday, June 26, 2016

CBS 1966-1967 Fall Preview


CBS 1966-1967 Fall Preview

The only thing I remember watching with any regularity in 1966 was  the  kitschy (KaPOW!) Batman and Robin parody, and  anything with Joey a-go-go Heatherton. Other than that, I was a man of action, and driving a Volkswagen camper. 


jlw said...

i watched Star Trek (premier sept 8, 1966) when football season was over. (it was on friday night when i was off playing.)

Anonymous said...

Run Buddy Run was my favorite back then. What a great flashback!

Skoonj said...

Joey Heatherton was the daughter of Ray Heatherton. Ray was The Merry Mailman on kid TV.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching (at least) a couple of episodes of "It's About Time" when I was a kid. It was only now, watching the trailer, that I realized the Christian / creationist take on history the show had. People and dinosaurs coexisting on the planet ?? At least on the TV show they went back "about a million years" and not just 6000.

CF in CO

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