Sunday, June 05, 2016

Dinesh D'Souza: *****

Mental Gymnastics 101

From my perspective, it's unfortunate that this Dinesh D'Souza  tour de force  is labeled "How Do I Know God Exists,"  because it so limits his audience.  It would more aptly be called "The politicization of atheism."  Or, "Stuff you didn't know that older civilizations knew." Or, "Lenin, Hitler and Islam." Most of all, it is a marvelous example of debating skill.



Anonymous said...

I told my husband to watch this. He started and got so caught up in it that he missed part of his game (which he said was just as well because the Cavs sucked).

Anyway, an unexpected treat. I watched a few more of his debates .. thanks for that.

Akron Joan

Anonymous said...

didn't anyone tell your hubby that #Warriors rule?

Anonymous said...


Juice said...

He's a very good speaker and has the ability to inject humor in all the moments. Great!

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