Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dinner for 13


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Leonardo couldn't get them to watch the birdie and say "Cheese?"

Anonymous said...

A sunday school classic. "If you don't sit on my side of the table, you wont be in the picture'.

Anonymous said...

Three seats to the right of Jesus sits Judas. Leonardo, wracked with gout and arthritis climbed the scaffold every day and endured horrible pain to finish this. A church big wig was all on his ass to get this done before a big shot cardinal came to visit. They guy hounded Leonardo. The face of Judas was the last he painted, the cardinal and his tormentor looked up at the finished painting for the first time, the Cardinal saw the guy he was talking to in Judas. You can see the bag of silver in his hand. -Anymouse

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