Monday, June 27, 2016

Eat Me IRS!


One of the things I've been focusing on are earth's tectonic plates. My study is conclusive.  Sometime in the next 12 months our planet's tectonic plate fundament will shift (not for the first time), likety-split.  Most everyone will have necks broken by the sheer torque of it all. We in the USA, who survive, will find ourselves  wearing smart summer linen —in Antarctica—and freeze to death. So who gives a rat's ass about Hillary and ISIS?  So, there's that to consider



Anonymous said...

My money is on SMOD

Edd Zachary

bocopro said...

Been reading the HAB theory again, Rodge?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Nope, I have visions .. that are always right usually

Wabano said...

Well, in an arctic valley,(Ellesmere island) I sat on the petrified trunk of a large palm tree, surrounded by blocks of coal with fern leaves imprints, leftover from a jungle overtaken by tar outflows(so-called "fossil fuel")....So it would not be the first time!

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