Friday, June 24, 2016

Meeting Monster Voters

What has happened with the U.K. referendum is going to send reverberations around the globe; but this outcome should not come as a complete surprise to most CTH readers. What happened in Great Britain is the visible rise of their national Monster Vote.

People from across political parties, conservative (Tory) and democrat (Labour), joined together to unite against the institutional political systems (EU) who construct the rules of their lives without the consent of the governed.

When you recognize the bipartisan nature of the Brexit coalition, you remove the political shroud and begin to get down to brass tacks.

This same structural defect, born of self-centered political Oligarchs, exists in the U.S. political system and we call it the UniParty.

Progressive leaders from both Democrat and Republican parties working in concert to deliver the legislative priorities of the group who funds them, Wall Street.

The representative image of the sentiment behind the U.K. LEAVE campaign exists in the United States in the presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Trump supporters are essentially anti-globalists, much like the U.K. nationalists were/are anti-European Union. [FULL]
I'm Comin Ma!


Anonymous said...

Best tbing to happen to the Brits since Margaret Thatcher. Coming to your hood real soon!


Sonoboy said...

Did ya see where Londoners, who voted to STAY, are asking their MUZZIE MAYOR to secede from the UK. Reminds me of the urban-suburban split here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Haven't peasants always been revolting?

Anonymous said...

I stayed up all night watching the results come in, I've never been so happy for another country. My generation, younger people, are overwhelmingly against it, because we as a group believe what we are spoon fed from the media. If Professor Obama says Britain is going to go to the back of the line, we have to believe him. If our beloved globalist politicians say this will be catastrophic, it must be so.

And you're seeing it reflected in the markets. Odd that my generation, so wary of the rich and the elite, found themselves buying everything they said hook line and sinker. For any rational thinking people, the very fact that banks and multinationals were demanding they vote remain should have been the biggest red flag of them all.

But no, the lovely British bird that I am shacked up with (who, thankfully, has zero interest in politics of any kind) read me her facebook feed. All of her friends at home talking about moving. Talking about how their money is worthless. About how racists won the day.

The fact of the matter is, the EU made a huge mistake when they decided to overreach. Binding Euro economies together is practical in a lot of ways. They did arguably benefit a great deal from it. But the common currency (that the UK was smart to stay away from) is a disaster thanks to southern eurozone leeches.

And worst of all, you have the ridiculous idea to take the economic union further - a political union. You expect to write laws and force immigration quotas that will sit in favor with countries like Portugal and Poland, two countries so diametrically opposed politically that the mind boggles at the childish idea of forcing them to take what Brussels portions out for them.

So far beyond acceptability has the EU gone, that France -- a founding member -- is now polling as hating the EU more than Britain did before the Brexit vote. I expect the EU to hang around a while longer. They'll punish Britain in trade deals, trying to dissuade a Netherlands, France or Italy pull out of the EU. But eventually they'll be a failed liberal vision, like all the ones that came before it.

And to all of the left wingers throwing Scotland into the face of the UK, as though the EU is going to get the last laugh when Scotland goes independent; Scotland is a broke country, and will immediately be a drain on existing EU governments. They'll get nice austerity cuts and will be yanked off the GBP, plunging them into economic turmoil. It will make what the UK just went through look like a vacation. And how will those eurosceptic countries that remain feel about footing the bill for the EU's big "F you" to the UK?

But hey, good luck!


Anonymous said...

So, David Cameron now feels the need to resign.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Josh! You've come a long way since you were what - sixteen? - when you first came here. You showed much promise then, and now? How'd you like to replace one of my senators?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, that Wikipedia "Piggate" entry is entirely too tame. Consider these:
"Is Britain Ruled by a Secret Pig-Fucking Cabal?"

Juice said...

Good to go Josh! and dittos to Tailgunner's comment.

I am very proud of the UK for taking that step to restore their sovereignty. The Brits we have met (while on holiday in the US) maintain the point of view that, "We are a Kingdom and we wish to remain as such. It is our politicians who deny us the voice to choose..." not verbatim but dang close. I understand that it may be financially tough for a time, but the UK will has a chance to regain their strength and sovereign souls.

America's history of fifty states united under one culture can never be duplicated by the EU's multi-nationalism. Obama's lawless open borders and "multi-cultural diversity" will destroy our one nation under God. Let us be strong this November 2016 and vote to restore our own sovereign nation and the legal melting pot that made America great.

yada yada yada, so say I

Stu Tarlowe said...

Conservative Tree House gets it right. Brace yourselves for the ongoing propaganda onslaught blaming "nationalism", "xenophobia", "bigotry", "jingoism", and probably even AR-15s, the Second Amendment, the Constitution and even the Tea Party for the outcome of this referendum.

leelu said...

Glad to see Europe getting back to normal.

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