Sunday, June 12, 2016

MSNBC's Joy Reid ... never mind

That didn't take long


Juice said...

Now see? This is an example of how your creative and artful mind associates the world around you as art is everywhere. Here's yer red ribbon! btw, made me laugh.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

aw shux

DougM said...

Yeah, when everything has to pass through The Template™ in order to fit The Narrative™, then things inevitably get a bit Procrustean.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Joy Reid proves
"how easy it is to be a STUPID, GULLIBLE BLACK on the Democrat Plantation."


toadold said...

Gun sales are already setting record highs. Now they'll go even higher driving the stuff I want even farther out of my price range.

Anonymous said...

Gays are targeted by Islamic terrorists, and you'd think they'd wise up. But those robes and scarves and masks that Isis wears are just so fabulous!

Seriously, though, members of the LGBTQSTFU "community" are so committed to Leftist causes that if 50 of them have to die "to advance the agenda, they view that as a perfectly acceptable casualty rate.

Caballero Andante

Anonymous said...

What I've took from this: Don't bake them a cake and your entire world will be crushed all the way to a Supreme Court. Target, kidnap, and murder 50 of them. Not a peep. Isn't their argument kind of like saying a house is built by a hammer, has nothing to do with the contractor? -Anymouse

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