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RE: Pocahontis Warren

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So how is Trump's Pocahontas remark racist?

Odd what catches my eye. This vanity post on Free Repubic yesterday, did.

So how is Trump's Pocahontas remark racist? (vanity)
6/11/2016 | Myself
Posted on 6/11/2016, 12:18:08 PM by Crucial

Donald Trump continues to call Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" and is being called a racist for doing so. So let's go through this charge in a straightforward and logical way, a way which escapes too many Americans, particularly liberals.

Elizabeth Warren lied on her college admission aplications that she was native American even though she has no Native American ancestry. Elizabeth Warren is Lilly white. Warren claims one side of her family has Indian descendents and then flip flops and says the other side has them. Elizabeth Warren will not release genealogical records.

It's obvious Warren is a fraud. It's also obvious that the fraud perpetrated was racist in nature.

So how did Trump come to be called racist? Trump called a white women a famous Indian name to shame her for perpetuating a clearly racist fraud. Trump did not disparage Pocahontas in the least. Trump disparaged Elizabeth Warren, the lilly white fraud.

So how is Trump racist again? How stupid and cowardly are the people calling him racist?

I think the answer is obvious and that the press and the political class are perpetuating fraud.

The "If the Republicans disarm.." pic is based on a meme that's flying about.  The quote is Joseph Stalins; embraced by Pocahontas.


Anonymous said...

Fauxcahontas is high on my Flog Before Hang list.

Roy Lofquist said...

The reason that Trump's remark was racist is that you're a racist pig.

Sonoboy said...

Cake! And eat it, too!

Flog WHILE hanging...upside-down by the ankles.

Ivr said...

And nekid!

DougM said...

Bein' disarmed by the US Gov't didn't work out to well for here "ancestors," did it?

DougM said...

^ That should read "two well"

Sonoboy said...

Doug- ewe knead a knew spel cheker...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Sonoboy, you be messin' with the wrong speler

Anonymous said...

So, why should she have to release her ob/gyn records?


Oh, never mind.......

Anonymous said...

Do not want to see "Chief Gray Beaver" nekid.


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