Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Ships Ahoy *splash*


Anonymous said...

"Line Crossing Ceremony"? Does this mean that King Neptune and the "shellback" ceremony has survived the ravages of political correctness? Am I to believe that as it was in my day, a fat sailor is dressed as a woman, the leftovers from breakfast is piled on his big fat Chiefly belly, and then a female sailor is made to bow to the king and have her face smeared around in his gut? Then all new shellbacks slither around in the muck together? Oh how I hope it is still so. BTW, not a shellback here but lots of buds were, never went big grey and aweigh. -Anymouse

Esteve said...

After the swim I hope they still have steel beach picnics on the flight deck. Or these could just be the faded memories of a "Trusty Shellback".

Juice said...

And no one calling for Tippit.

Anonymous said...

Back on shore, there's nothing like a swim like a baseball retrieval.
righty gomez

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