Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Fundamentals of Caring

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The Fundamentals of Caring
This week I received two Netflix e-mails.  One announced that the monthly (streaming) fee will increase to $9.95/mo.  The second was a promo for their newest in-house film, The Fundamentals of Caring. Which I immediately judged  a soppy relationship flick.  However, last night we were having trouble finding anything that kept our interest (or did not assault MoSup's Victorian sensibilities with non-stop "Fkus"), we opted to give this a try since it was billboarded, and voila.

If we only watched one Netflix offering a month, we'd feel ahead of the game in June.  This is just a wonderful road trip film about a "caregiver" and his ward, a lad with raging hormones and muscular dystrophy.  Try it.


Juice said...

As a fan of Paul Rudd (on screen)and now that I've cleared up Selena Gomez is not Ariana Grande this look like a winner.

Tom Smith said...

Gave me allergies.........wife liked it too.

Juice said...

I watched it last night and it was indeed a good story. Liked the positive ending too.

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