Monday, July 25, 2016

15 Great Trump Things

15 Great Things Trump Has Done
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Wabano said...

What impressed me most is Donald Trump, right after 9/11, said that the twin towers were designed to resist the hit, but the asbestos lawyer lobby forced the owners to remove the asbestos cladding of the steel structure. So when the planes' fuel ignited, it caused the steel to burn like with a welder/cutter torch and the tower collapsed. They would otherwise have been rebuilt by now and have had far less casualties. So bravo for the guts denouncing the real responsibles for the collapse, the crooked as Hillary lawyers' racket. I lived near asbestos mines, played with it as a kid and the only ones who suffered from asbestosis were guilty of gross negligence, refusing to wear the breathing apparatus supplied by the mines.

Juice said...

An impressive list. Remember the "donations" list looked like under Billary? I recall Bill's used tighty-whities being on that list. No wonder he could feel their pain.

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