Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Macabre Monkey


Children's character Curious George observes Ramadan

US author Hena Khan "wanted to focus on the celebratory aspects" of Ramadan, so George attends family gatherings and accompanies his friend Kareem to a mosque to put together charity baskets, she told AFP.
A writer of Pakistani origin from Rockville, Maryland, Khan has already written two children's books about Islam, "but there's something different about having Curious George, a mainstream, well-known, iconic character recognize your tradition and make you feel included."
And as soon as Sharia law is instituted ....


Anonymous said...

"BEIRUT (AP) — A series of attacks, most linked to the Islamic State group, has killed nearly 350 people in eight countries during the holy month of Ramadan."

"The religion of peace"; "one of the world's great religions".

Caballero Andante

Cheesy said...

Does Curious George end up gang-raped & left beheaded on the side of the road in the end?
If not, the story's pure fiction...

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