Saturday, July 09, 2016

Alton Sterling Crap

EXPOSED: The 911 Call Before Alton Sterling's Death That Black Lice Blather Don’t Want Heard

The 37-year-old sex offender killed in Baton Rouge may have been hailed a hero by the Black Lives Matter movement for being shot by a cop, but details from a 911 call placed just before the incident revealed a very different side of the story.


Stu Tarlowe said...

I followed the link, expecting to hear the actual 9-1-1 call, or at least read a transcript. But No.

I'd also like to get some definitive word on the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota. There are claims circulating that contradict the basic narrative, from the "broken taillight" to his allegedly having a Concealed Carry license, but of course none of those contradictions are even mentioned in the Mainstream Press.

And the "live-streamed video" makes me wonder if the whole thing wasn't staged, and if the guy is even dead.
Bottom line: the truth is hard to determine, and the Mainstream Press isn't helping.

Eskyman said...

I'm sure you will be amazed to discover that the Philando Castile story is just another set of lies aimed at getting a big payout, but it's been confirmed that this scumbag was an armed robbery suspect, who was stopped because he looked like the armed robbery suspect, and that he had a gun on his lap which he was moving toward when he was shot. He had no CCW, that's just another lie.

So far the family, aided and abetted by BLM, have raised $254,907 to "ease their suffering." They won't really hit the jackpot until our phony muslim president kicks in a bundle from taxpayer money, but I'm sure that's coming soon!

More at The Treehouse:

Sonoboy said...

Rudy Giuliani was very succinct on Face the Nation this morning when he stated that the term 'Black Lives Matter' is inherently racist. And I was not surprised when the host, John DICKerson, attempted to interrupt the Mayor when he pointed out that young blacks are statistically killed 99/100 times by another civilian (mostly black), and NOT a law enforcement type. This just doesn't fit their agenda.

Dan said...

Murder stats for Chicago (referenced from secondcitycop web site):

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